Asagi Toshikazu is a "Prince", one of the genetically engineered children raised to operate armed robots called "AHSMB" (Advanced High Standard Multipurpose Battle Device). He along with his teammates recently graduated from a school in an academic city called Grandzehle.


Asagi has a temper that is seemingly uncontrollable. When mocked or pestered, Asagi angrily responds either by a fist fight or yelling. He also seems cocky and sure of his skills as a fighter and a leader, but he can acknowledge the brave and kind actions of his friends, even though friends like Izuru and Suruga can annoy him at times.

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

Asagi went through rigorous training in his school to be a soldier and a pilot, and when he was given the Blue 1 to pilot, he shows great skill with his blade, easily cutting through enemy forces.


Not much is known of Asagi's past.

Military Junior Pre-Academy CadetEdit

First Combat MissionEdit

Hero & Skirmish at UndinaEdit


Commander Simon

Simon is the commanding officer of the MJP, it was revealed that Simon is actually a donor of DNA for both Asagi and Izuru. This makes him somewhat Asagi's biological father.

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