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The younger sister of Jiart and Garukie, the princess of the Wulgaru who defected to help the humans,bringing information about the upcoming Wulgaru invasion and giving them the Wulgaru technology to build the AHSMB. She has met Izuru before his memory was erased and has shown great concern towards Izuru. Izuru has also mentioned that he finds her familiar to him. She is the main cause for Izuru's ASHMB unit evolusion in episode 14, as he recalls her saying that he is her hero.

When the location of the Gate the Wulguru were using to invade the solar system was located, at the cost of the lives of two members of Team Doberman, she revealed herself to the world's governments and volunteered to join in on the assault to destroy the gate and halt the invasion.


A mysterious girl with white hair with pink hair clips.