Rose 3 is one of several prototype AHSMB units designed to fight the Wulgaru forces. Unlike the rest of the MJP units, it posseses a higher quantity of thrusters and boosters, making it behave more like a spacecraft than a mecha.

Unit FeatureEdit

Rose 3 is designed more like a high-speed attack craft than an actual mech due to the extreme prevalence of boosters and engines. The Pit Crew describes the unit as "faster than a high-speed planetary cruiser."

The primary purpose of Rose 3 is to distract the enemy, evading attacks with high-speed and perform devastating hit-and-run bombings on enemy battlegroups, command units, and installations. The unit relies heavily on missiles to perform precise wide-area bombardments, and loss of missiles will force Rose 3 to use its backup beam weaponry, which is significantly less effective over long ranges and high speeds. This means Rose 3 is not particularly designed for long, protracted battles, unless there is an opportunity to resupply.

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