It is the main super powers of the Global Defense Force along with Belarussian and the Indian pacific rim union it completely controlled by the United States Of America providing all of OCS space force and most of there military beaches all faction if all of Americas in return they would let GDF formed and let most likely who of stop Russia to form there new super block which they controlled basically the great and superpowers got there way and got control of the blocks. and they also provide most of the GDF it technically the evolved form of the United States of America basic if some one from a other nationality or know reduce to client states the OCS space Force Has big minority in it basically due walgru war the more of the minority's got shot become high ranking officers in the space force one of them became adjacent OCS chief staff he was shock of theoria while the OCS chief of staff knew about it via the CIA who found out about it but kept American OCS high command kept themselves and American president and high ranking American officials.

chose not to steal MJP technology and instead choose to to a partner with it along with the EEU before the war secrets like Belorussian command because they got make all the ships for the GDF and got from the MJP mechas which they helped developed and developed the mass produced ashmb with there own specs by asking in extange and they also told the EEU high command about it basically they foreign men military but not there marginalized politicians where there from whose GDF officers hold more power than them for they would make incident and to avoid panic basically. The foreign officers forgave them because they know that there native politicians can not be trusted. Via the CIA they found walgru intentions the out of all powers took it the most seriously they where only the only two power blocs to enforce a draft during the war with Belarussia. to the matter they don't care men they lose or material that is how serious they take the threat of the is also the main power in the GDF after the battle because almost all there space forces for survive while the others took at least 1/3 damage in the battle

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