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The AHSMB-005 Red 5 is the personal AHSMB unit piloted by Team Rabbits Leader, Izuru Hitachi in the series.


The Red 5 is a 5th Prototype AHSMB developed by MJP as an All-Round Combat Leader. Like a Forward Unit, Red-5 became a Vanguard of the team. But as a Combat Leader, this unit also has the capability to handle high command transmission as well.

Unit Feature[]

Like the Blue 1, this unit also consists of two parts, the Core Module and the Frame Unit.

Red 5 was made based on the technology that the Wulgaru used for their machines. It serves as a leader unit that is able to process the status quo of the surroundings during combat, allowing the pilot to issue orders easily. Like Blue 1, it is versatile so as to provide easy maneuverability. It is also installed with the JURIA-SYSTEM like the other four units that were manufactured along with it, but it is able to surpass the system and 'take over' the pilot as shown in the anime.

Pit Crew[]

Red-5 Pit Crew

in the show, the Red-5 pit crew member consists of five friendly mechanics and acts together as a family.


Armoured Frame

​Red 5 consists of two parts: the core and the frame. The core acts as a "skeleton" frame for the unit and shelters the pilot as well. The frame, also known as the Jaeger suit, is what gives the unit its looks, and acts as armor as well.

Beam Cannon

A Dual-mode Beam Gun, hand-carried in use. Red-5 can use these weapons in two-mode with is Burst Mode with Low Penetration and Single Mode with High Penetration.

HEP Cannon

Mounted on the forearm, hand-carried in use, and can be launched from Pit Crew Ships. This is the Red-5 "Jack of all Trades" weapon, it contains many functions namely:

  • Variable Speed Beam Rifle; this is the HEP Cannon standard function, it became a mid-range rapid-fire weapon to attack the enemy. Izuru can adjust the firing speed at the expense of its penetration power.
  • High Energy Particle Beam; when HEP Cannon extended its barrel it can deliver an even more powerful beam toward far enemies. The drawback of using this mode is it has a significant delay charge, so against skilled enemies, some of them might be able to avoid the attack.
  • Chainsaw; for close-range attacks, this weapon can emerge a set of sawtooth at the edge of it. Can be used to parry enemy attack or to pierce through the enemy armor.
  • Micro Mine Launcher; stored on the side of the weapon. this micro mine are mainly used to confuse or suppress closing enemies.

Multi Launcher

Like HEP Cannon, it is mounted on forearm, hand-carried in use, and can be launched from Pit Crew Ships. From the look of it this weapon has 4 different barrel. so I suspect it has four different attack (Scatter Impact Mode, Rapid Fire Mode, Grenade Launcher Mode and Long Range Sniping Mode)

CIWS Vulcan

Red-5 Firing CIWS Vulcan

6-Barrel CIWS (Close-In Weapon System), mounted on hips (3-barrel each), fire-linked. These are Red-5 standard beam vulcan used to suppress enemy at close range.

ArmGuard Shield

Red-5 Launched his ArmGuard

ArmGuard Shield Raised

Can be mounted on both forearms. These are Red-5 defensive equipment, each of them has its own independent shield generator capable withstanding enemy attack. The ArmGuard can also be launched to protect another object or target.

SwordArm Counter

Red 5 is equipped with retractable blades on both of its arms. It is the main weapon of that unit.

Heavy Machete

Longbow Cannon